Polish Change
From $10
Spa Manicure  
Includes hand and arm massage and complete nail care.
30 minutes   From $20
French Manicure
Manicure includes Spa Manicure with
French Polish.
30 minutes    From $30
Hydrotherapy Sport
Spa Pedicure
Full benefits of Hydrotherapy Spa
Pedicure without the polish
30 minutes    From $37
Spa Hand Treatment Manicure  
Includes Spa Manicure with Herbology and Cremetherapy
Mask to pamper hands, arms and elbows that show
signs of aging, sun and water exposure.
45 minutes   From $30
Hydrotherapy Spa
Treatment Pedicure
Designed to restore feet, nails, and lower legs to their
natural strength and appeal. Includes Hydrotherapy Spa
Pedicure, Herbology foot exfoliation and Treatment
Mask to rehydrate the skin.
60 minutes     From $55
Hydrotherapy Spa Pedicure
A relaxing pedicure including hydrotherapy foot soak,
gentle exfoliation, foot and leg massage and complete
nail care.
45 minutes   From $47
From  $33
Spa Hands/Feet  
All Spa Hands and feet treatments include consultation, product prescription and
maintenance recommendation.
Faux Nails Full Set
From $66
Spa Hands/Feet Enhancements
The following enhancements may be added on to any Spa Hands/Feet Treatments:
Paraffin Hand Bath
Warm paraffin wax applied over intensive
moisturizer to restore hydration.   
From $7
All Prices and Services subject to change without notice.
Fees are dependent on Team Member performing service.
SHELLAC (TM) Nail Polish from CND!
14 day Wear - Zero Dry Time - Mirror Finish - REALLY!   Watch the video
The Shellac System features a Base Coat, Color Coat, Top Coat and finishes with the CND UV lamp; an
amazing breakthrough in resilient color that remains flawless for 14-days and removes in 10 minutes!
Open to Serve You:     Monday through Thursday  9 AM - 9 PM      Friday  8 AM - 5 PM      Saturday  7 AM - 5 PM         Click Here for Map
Mask Hair Designs and Day Spa  
11012 Greenbrier Rd
Minnetonka, MN 55305
952 545-0044  
French Spa Pedicure
Includes Spa Pedicure with French Polish.
From $57
Mask Hair Designs and Day Spa
11012 Greenbrier Rd
Minnetonka, MN 55305
952 545-0044
NEW Summer Colors from OPI - The Brazil Collection

OPI takes us on a journey of color to Brazil where vivid hues (I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, Where
Did Suzi’s Man-go?, Toucan Do It If You Try, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, Live.Love.Carnaval, and
Red Hot Rio) add flair to a neutral-toned work wardrobe. Sienna shades of beach and earth
(Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Taupe-less Beach, I São Paulo Over There, and OPI Scores
a Goal!) make an effortless transition from day to night, just as at-home with sequins as with denim.
Shades of Brazil’s rainforest flora (Next Stop…The Bikini Zone, AmazON…AmazOFF) complement
designs that push the envelope with style. Finally, texture is explored in four new limited edition
Liquid Sand™ shades (Samba-dy Loves Purple, I’m Brazil Nuts Over You, What’s a Little Rain
Forest?, and You’re So Flippy Floppy).